Azienda Agricola Giannotti
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Antonello Giannotti is a descendent of farmers and it is from his father Alvaro, a man of agriculture with a fine noble spirit, that he inherited a deep love for the Tuscan land and the dedication to cultivate it with hard work and tenacity to grow products of genuine quality.

It was this dedication  and heritage that lead him to found the farming estate that now carries his name, an estate with fertile fields in the very heart of the Sienese countryside just outside of Montepulciano and Sarteano.

His vineyard is located in a charming and picturesque setting facing the hill on which Montepulciano sits graced with renaissance buildings and churches.

Here he produces an elegant Nobile di Montepulciano wine made in the traditional way with grapes that grow in the clayey soil.

In Sarteano, on a terrain with an especially favourable geological composition and exposure to the sun, he produces his Giannotti Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DPO – Protected Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Siena, from organic farming).

The olives are picked straight from the tree and pressed within a few hours to preserve the best qualities of the fruit.

The olive oil is characterised by organoleptic properties unique for their low acidity. It is a natural antioxidant and helps prevent cardiovascular disease and tumours.

Point of Sale

The shop is located in the elegant and typically Tuscan La Lanterna Hotel and Restaurant of Sarteano, owned by the Giannotti family. Here guests can enjoy fine local cuisine that uses fresh products from the family vegetable garden.