Azienda Agricola Giannotti
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Protected Designation of Origin from Organic Farming

The oil comes from olive groves located on the outskirts of Sarteano. Some of the groves are centuries old, while others were planted to replace trees lost in the great freeze of 1985. All of the typical Tuscan varieties are present: frantoio, leccino, moraiolo, pendolino and colombino. The latter confers a very rare and typical fragrance to the oil.  The position and exposure to the sun enjoyed by the groves is particularly favourable. The Giannotti family has been farming land for many generations, always working the soil with full respect for the environment and for this reason their estate is run according to the precepts of organic agriculture.  The oil is extracted right after the olives are harvested using the cold press method and in keeping with the strict DOP Terre di Siena regulations. The result is a truly excellent product.

The quality is excellent, it has a fruity aroma of medium intensity that hints at fresh greens, green wood, just a bit grassy with a touch of artichoke. It has a spicy and well-balanced bitterness.